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Practice Areas

  • Criminal Defense
  • Wrongful Death
  • Personal Injury
  • Select Business Litigation
  • Select Family Matters

Our Approach

After years of fighting in Kentucky courtrooms we've learned a lot about what clients need and it's not the same every time.  Often our clients need the battle-hardened advocate to come dig in and slug it out.  Other times we are called on to make peace.  We assist with finding addiction treatment, mental health assistance, resource assessment, and sometimes we just listen.  We pride ourselves on quickly assessing the needs of our clients, taking a holistic approach to what benefits their life overall rather than just a case, and putting that plan into action.  

A Team in Your Corner

This work is our passion and we are honored to do it.  People come to us for help and we recognize that responsibility.  We believe our results speak for themselves.  

Legacy of Success

We have successfully tried cases from DUI to First Degree Murder and multi-million dollar wrongful death.  From courtrooms near the Mississippi River to Pikeville we know that every case, circumstance, person, and set of facts is different.  Our experience and focus qualifies us to make the decisions necessary for excellent representation.  

Our Team

Greg Coulson, Attorney

Greg has tried serious cases in courtrooms all over the Commonwealth and is regularly appointed to represent capital defendants.  When he's not practicing law he's living the dad life and accidentally breaking cars he's working on.

Jacqui Johns, Admin

Jacqui graduated with honors from Georgetown College and is beginning law school next year.  She spent two years serving at risk youth with AmeriCorps.  She's a legit karate master but probably wont' fight you.  Probably.